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Signature performance
with customizable design

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Plug and play simplicity
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Customizable washable
pre-filter colors
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High performance in a lightweight, compact package
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Simple one-button control
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360° air intake so you can place anywhere
Blueair  Infographic transcript: (Icons left to right) Actively removesPM 2.5, Dust, Pollen,MOld, Pet Dander, bacteria and viruses, dust mites , vocs, chemicals. smoke, cooking odors
Meet Blue Pure Auto

Blue Pure Auto models increase fan speed when diminishing air quality is detected (when cooking, vacuuming, etc.) and return it to a lower speed once pollution dissipates.

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Signature performance
Blueair Inforgraphic: Blue Pure 211+ Auto delivers 6x mor clean air than Dyson HP04* *Blueair Clean Air delivery rate on high. IMage: Blue Pure 211+ Auto standing next to Dyson HP04
We look to independent testing and third-party standards as a point of proof for our performance. But what about other brands?

See what happens when we put top models from other brands through independent testing.

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Blue Pure 211+ Auto captures 99.9% of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19)*

*Blue Pure 211+ Auto was tested in a 13ft3 test chamber. Performance may vary depending upon the room size and location of the device within the room, quantity of particulates in the air, and product use pattern (operational settings and use duration, etc). Not proven to prevent/reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Small spaces

Included Pre-filters

Buff Yellow, Crystal Pink, Diva Blue, Lunar Rock
Small spaces

Included Pre-filters

Lunar Rock, Buff Yellow, Diva Blue, Crystal Pink, Saffron Red
Large spaces

Included Pre-filters

Buff Yellow, Crystal Pink, Diva Blue, Lunar Rock
Extra-large spaces

Included Pre-filters

Diva Blue, Lunar Rock, Buff Yellow, Crystal Pink
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Meet the families of Blueair
air purifiers

Meet the families of Blueair air purifiers


Signature performance with customizable design


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Reassuring intelligence built to last


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Designed for a life with less cleaning


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The only air purifier to provide 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria


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Professional performance with a minimalist design


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Independently proven performance
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Verifide® for performance and
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
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Rated as energy-efficient
air purifiers.
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Identified as one of the quietest
products within the category.
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Certified to meet ozone
safety standards.
Blueair Intertek certified zero ozone logo
Zero Ozone Verified (<5 ppb) by
Intertek Sustainability Program.